The Perfect Christmas Turkey

The Croots guide to cooking the perfect turkey for Christmas dinner

When it comes to cooking the perfect turkey for Christmas dinner, Croots Farm Shop in Derbyshire has everything you need for a stress-free kitchen.

The size of the turkey will depend on the number of guests around your Christmas dinner table – 300g per person should be plenty but you may wish to allow up to 500g, depending on their appetites and any plans you might have for leftovers.

Also, remember to check you have a roasting tin large enough and that your chosen bird will fit in your oven.

Have a schedule written down so your turkey is cooked to perfection

Timing is critical so it’s a good idea to have a schedule written down so you can work back from the time you plan to eat.

If you’ve frozen your turkey ahead of the big day, it is important that the bird is fully defrosted before it goes in the oven. Ideally, it should be fully defrosted, refrigerated overnight and allowed to come up to room temperature before it’s popped into the oven.

The Croots Farm Shop team recommends covering the turkey with goose fat or butter and plenty of salt and pepper. If you’re stuffing your turkey, it will take longer to cook and could dry out, so consider cooking your stuffing separately.

Cover the bird with tin foil and once cooking is under way remember to baste with the juices from the roasting tin at regular intervals to ensure moist, tender meat.

A full bird will need around 30 minutes per kilo in an oven that’s 180C. Allow to stand covered in tin foil for at least 20 minutes before serving. To check it is completely cooked, the juices should run clear if you pierce the thigh where it meets the body. Use the cooking juices to make a delicious gravy.

Croots Farm Shop’s free-range turkeys

Croots Farm Shop’s free-range turkeys are supplied by Robert Scragg at Dale Bank Farm, in the heart of north Staffordshire. Robert’s family has been rearing  turkeys since 1928.

Free-range bronze and free-range white turkeys are available for ordering and click and collect (December 22, 23 and 24 only) from the Croots online shop in three sizes starting at 4.5kg.

If a full bird is too much, the butchery team has a fantastic range of alternatives to recommend including:

  • Oven-ready turkey breast fillets (2kg and 3kg)
  • Luxury turkey breast filled with bacon, sage and onion
  • Three Bird Roast (turkey, duck and pheasant)
  • Whole pheasants
  • Free-range cockerels.

Helping you have a stress-free Christmas

This year will be Croots 15th Christmas and butchery manager Chris and his expert team will once again be on hand at the shop in Wirksworth Road, Duffield, near Derby, to help take the stress out of your festive catering.

As well as the centrepiece turkey you can also pick up all the trimmings you need for that perfect festive meal – don’t forget the streaky bacon, chipolata sausages, goose fat (if using) and, of course, the all-important cranberry sauce.

For all your festive food delights please call in at the shop in Wirksworth Road, Duffield, Derbyshire,  We’re not far from Derby and are one of Derbyshire’s most popular farm shops. Or you can also browse our online Christmas shop to click and collect. Please remember to check online or contact the shop for Christmas specials with specific collection dates.