Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees

Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree – is it a good Christmas tree and how to look after it?

Here at Croots Farm Shop in Derbyshire we sell the stunning locally-grown Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree.

And now we’re going to explain why we believe it is a good Christmas tree and how to look after it.

Firstly, the Nordmann Fir has a beautiful shape. It is elegant with really attractive green foliage and strong branches. Nordmann Firs make a super centre piece when decked with lights, baubles and other decorations. Quite literally they will light up the festive period.

Secondly, Nordmann Firs are renowned as being non drop which means your real Christmas tree will retain its needles. No need to vacuum regularly around the tree and no sharp needles to inadvertently tread on!

At Croots Farm Shop based at Farnah House Farm, Wirksworth Road, we have a hanging forest of Nordmann Firs to choose from. This means customers can easily visualise how their tree will look in their home. After picking their favourite, customers can drive their car to the barn to collect it. We’ll make sure it’s netted and ready to go.

How to look after your Nordmann Fir

After collecting your Nordmann Fir from the hanging forest at Croots Farm Shop, you’ll need to choose the best place to situate it.

Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect Christmas tree and where it should be positioned in the home. Some like a Nordmann Fir in the hall, others in the lounge, or maybe to bring festive cheer to an open plan kitchen, a veranda or porch.

Where you position your Christmas tree will depend very much on its size and the space you have available.

If you can, try to situate your real tree away from a radiator, fireplace or direct sunlight. We’d also recommend not placing it on a heated floor if possible. Remember, your Nordmann Fir is used to being outside and heat can dry it out.

Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees need to drink, so water regularly – daily if you can. This will help to keep the tree looking fresh and hydrated.

From late November, we have a range of Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees at Croots from 120cm to 250cm in height – all grown in Derbyshire.

A Christmas tree sparkles as a showstopper at Christmas. We think the Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree is a good Christmas tree and if you know how to look after it, the tree will brighten up your home for the whole of the festive period.