Your Christmas Cheeseboard

What to put on a Christmas cheeseboard

One of the key questions during the festive season is what to put on a Christmas cheeseboard.

Croots Farm Shop has a deli counter that’s bursting with ideas and something to suit all tastes.

And of course we have a delightful range of chutneys, crackers and savoury biscuits to accompany your Christmas cheeseboard.

Obviously, any Christmas cheeseboard needs to be full of wonderful flavours. But you’ll also want it to look amazing…with a range of different coloured and textured cheeses.

Here at Croots Farm Shop in Derbyshire, we’ve picked the ones that are top of our list for a Christmas cheeseboard this festive season.

Hartington Blue Stilton – this is made in the Derbyshire Dales at Hartington Creamery, the smallest and only artisan producer of Stilton cheese in the world. It’s an international award winner and is wonderfully tangy. Made using local milk, Hartington Blue Stilton Cheese packs a powerful punch on any Christmas cheeseboard!

Black Bomber Cheddar – a much-loved cheese, which is a modern classic and Snowdonia Cheese Company’s flagship cheese. With a superbly rich flavour and a smooth creaminess, the Black Bomber Cheddar has won numerous awards. It’s incredibly moreish and always goes down well!

Baron Bigod – this Brie-style cheese is made on a farm in Suffolk using milk from the farm’s own grass-fed Montbeliarde cows. It has a fabulous nutty, mushroomy rind with a smooth, full flavour, which intensifies when the cheese is left at room temperature for 30 minutes to one hour before eating. A big favourite!

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester – bringing a glorious dash of colour to any Christmas cheeseboard, this hand-made artisan cheese is produced by Sparkenhoe Farm and Leicestershire Handmade Cheese Co. using traditional methods. It’s England’s only unpasteurised Red Leicester Cheese and is creamy and mellow with a nutty, sweet and citrus finish. It’s perfect for festive dining!

Decorate your Christmas cheese board

Now we’ve suggested what to put on your Christmas cheeseboard, let’s consider how to decorate it to reflect the season.

As well as traditional grapes and celery, how about adding some festive cheer? Dried cranberries, olives and dates work well.

Don’t forget pots of chutney and a selection of savoury crackers and biscuits – all of which we sell at Croots Farm Shop, just outside Duffield in Derbyshire. Mr Pitchfork’s Pickles and Tracklements both offer a tasty range of delicious condiments, and there’s a great selection of crackers and biscuits available on our shelves too.

Pop into our shop at Farnah House Farm, Wirksworth Road, to find out more about our Christmas cheeses or take a look here.