Kay’s April Blog

Little Farmers

Although there’s always lots of ups and downs when lambing, its still a wonderful (albeit very tiring!!!) experience to see new lambs and new foals being born. This was my third year of lambing without Steve and I’ve learnt lots in that time..taking advice off other local farmers, going on a lambing course at Scarsdale Vets, reading lots of books and articles and chatting on the ‘Ladies who lamb’ facebook group which has been a godsend at times!!! I’m pleased to report that my kids have helped a lot too and Tim who helps me out on the farm for a few hours a week has been amazing, doing the early morning shifts for me so I can catch up on much needed sleep..

The rest of my life pretty much goes on hold for three weeks whilst lambing and foaling as you are on constant call, watching the cameras, there to land a hand if the ewe needs it and of course all the bedding, feeding , watering, mucking out etc not to mention the bottle feeding, medicine administration and work around adoptions where needed…

We’ve also had the pleasure of seeing two new Shire foals being born too – Cowerslane Emerald and Cowerslane Abigail. Both of those births were relatively straightforward thankfully and they are out in the fields doing really well and both Mums are doing a brilliant job.

The weather has improved enough that Dad can get out on the tractor to roll the fields and smooth all the muddy bumpy bits down for the animals and also for outside events later this summer

Looking forward in the shop and café, we have a number of new events in May that we are excited about and we will have a new spring/summer café menu out very soon too. We are working hard on our BBQ ranges for the summer months also to launch in May so look out for those as well. Hopefully the weather is starting to improve and we’ve seen the decking starting to be used again as customers enjoy the views and the sunshine – fingers crossed for May!!!

Hope to see you soon!