Swap Spanish Manchego for Coventry Berkswell. Made at Ram Hall Farm in Coventry, its grainy texture has a light nuttiness reminiscent of a young Manchego. As it ages, Berkswell becomes saltier, more complex and rather punchy.

Swap French Brie de Meaux for Suffolk Baron Bigod. Baron Bigod is the work of Suffolk-based farmer Jonny Crickmore, of Fen Farm Dairy. Handmade with fresh milk from the farm’s herd of Montbéliarde cows, Baron Bigod is lucious, soft, unrivalled in Britain and increasingly revered in France.

Swap Greek Feta for Crumbly Cheshire. One of the most popular foreign cheeses in the UK, it’s a versatile cheese that compliments salads and vegetable dishes alike. The lightness and tanginess of Feta is actually very similar to Cheshire Cheese. Crumbly Cheshire cheese is a mild, young cheese with a lot less salt than feta.

Swap French Beaufort for Norfolk Wells Alpine. A wonderful firm, slightly springy cheese made by Catherine Temple at Copys Green Farm. Inspired by the cheeses of the Alps and crafted with milk from Brown Swiss cows, Wells Alpine has a noteably sweet, nutty taste erring towards a young French Beaufort.

Swap French Roquefort for Derbyshire Dovedale Blue Dovedale Blue is a creamy, blue veined white cheese made using traditional and unvarying cheese making methods. A great alternative to one of the world’s best known blue cheeses.