Best Local Honey at Croots


Meet me, Tony Maggs, Bee Farmer at The Honey Pot! I’ve been supplying Croots for several years now and it has proven to be very popular. Just like most of the items on the shelves, it is from the local producers nearby. I started beekeeping back in 1985 and had a back ground in engineering, but following redundancy in 1988, I had the opportunity to start a new carrier. With my love of natural history, gardening, farming and the countryside, I gradually turned the hobby of beekeeping into a full time business!

I started The Honey Pot back in 1990 at a Derby Craft Village and I’m now at Trent Business Centre, Long Eaton closer to home. I’m also a proud member of The Bee Farmers Association, as well as The Derbyshire Beekeepers Association, where much of the craft is taught by the experienced Beekeepers at regular monthly meetings (Covid permitting). They are well attended and appreciated.

All of the Honey produced comes from our own Apiaries here in Derbyshire and The Peak District where we take some of our hives to produce our Heather Honey in late summer.

The beekeeping is carried out in traditional and ethical methods and the beehives are regularly inspected for the health and welfare of the Honey Bees. The honey is harvested and extracted using an extractor that spins the cold honey out of the frames leaving all of the natural properties intact that our local honey is valued for.

It is then stored in sealed tubs and bottled and labelled as required, to ensure each batch is at its best and has traceability right back to the apiary with the date it was harvested.

So thank you to Croots, and to our customers for supporting the local honey brought to you directly from The Bee Farmer.